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Bradford 18V

Bradford 18 Volt Cordless variants are arriving in stock and will ship soon! Click below for more details.


Bradford 18V

Bar Clamps

Soloclamp Bar Clamps & Spreaders now available and ready to ship! Click below for more details.


Bar Clamps


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PC Cox, the main manufacturing facility of the COX line in the UK, has introduced a new instruction and training experience titled COX Academy!

Videos available through You Tube provide visual guidance for setup, operation and maintenance of various applicators in the COX line.  You will find various videos tied to products within this website, or you can visit the COX Academy using the link below. 

Please be aware that item number, names and some elements may not be those of COX North America and/or the United States and should not be used for reference when ordering or selling products domestically.

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COX Academy

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Bradford 18 Volt Cordless

JANUARY 13, 2016:  COX North America, Inc. is excited to announce an upgrade to the 14.4V Volten battery gun line.  The Bradford is a new series of 18 Volt Lithium Ion battery applicators in 10oz. cartridge, 29oz. cartridge, 10/20oz. sausage and 20oz. bulk models.  Various dual component models are also available.


The line of 18V tools are lightweight and ergonomic, offer variable speed control (both by control knob and in the trigger) and an automatic pressure release on the discharge of the trigger.  With 787 lbs. of force and a thirty minute fast charge battery, the applicators offer an effective and efficient method for adhesive dispensing.


The 18V cordless variants will automatically begin to ship in place of previous 14.4V versions as stock depletes of each model over the next several weeks.  If you would like to request a sample or have any questions regarding product or pricing, please contact Erinne Sopko at


Click here for more details on the Bradford 18 Volt Cordless models. 

Bar Clamps & Spreaders

DECEMBER 15, 2015:  COX North America is proud to introduce a new line of bar clamps & spreaders to our accessory line.  The new Soloclamp is offered in three different styles, including the Easi-Clamp, Power-Clamp, and Ultra-Clamp.  The three styles vary in clamping force and are available in multiple lengths.


The new COX Soloclamp Bar Clamp & Spreader is designed for quick clamping of materials to be glued, fixed, drilled or sawed as well as many other uses. They are an ideal workmate for joiners, plumbers, glaziers, electricians and engineers for use in workshops, sites and production lines making them excellent tools for both professional and DIY use.


If you would like to request a sample or have any questions regarding the product or pricing, please contact Erinne Sopko at  


Click here for more details on the bar clamps.

2.5” Bulk Guns

APRIL 24, 2014:  COX North America is introducing new wider diameter barrel guns for high capacity bulk dispensing. The line consists of a manual (51003-1400) and a pneumatic (63009-1400) applicator along with 2 and 5 gallon follower plates (7F1022/7F1023).  The aluminum barrels are 2.5” in diameter and hold 48 oz. of material.

Both guns have the recognized plastic G2 plunger system and include six yellow cone nozzles as standard.  The manual applicator has a switchable flow control, allowing the user to decide whether to have automatic pressure release or continuous flow with the slide of a switch.  The pneumatic version offers the new Series 3 air system providing a lightweight and ergonomic handle with automatic loading by the pull of a trigger.

If you would like to request a sample or have any questions regarding the product or pricing, please contact Kari Holcomb


Click here for more details on the manual applicator and here for the pneumatic version.

Black (original yellow) Cone Nozzle

FEBRUARY 11, 2014:  COX North America, Inc. has reinstated the original version of the “yellow” cone nozzle as a supplemental accessory item.  The color is black (to differentiate from the current version) and the part number is 2N1050. 

All applicators will continue to be supplied with the current yellow (2N1006) or white cone (2N1007) as indicated in the catalog/website at a quantity of six per gun. 

Stock is available on all cone nozzles and orders can be placed for immediate shipment.  If you have concerns or questions, please contact Kari Holcomb,

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